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Adventure: night stroll in Chicago

My husband and I went for a walk after dinner and I captured a few shots on my iPhone.

Portrait: Sleeping baby | Evanston Photographer

I love a sleeping baby. So cozy in Mom’s arms. So peaceful and serene.

Portrait: Commencement

Although I don’t have any children of my own, I have plenty of children in my life. I became an aunt for the first time when I was in the 8th grade. My… Continue reading

Portrait: My special nephew

This is my very special nephew, M, enjoying the sun on Memorial Day. He’s not only special because he’s smart, funny and adorable, he’s also special because he overcame great odds, being born… Continue reading

Portrait: Brothers

Taken on my iPhone

Adventures: New Orleans

I recently returned from a 10-day business trip to New Orleans. Hot, sticky and muggy every day I was there… just as I imagined. Although most of my time was spent inside the… Continue reading

Adventures: Brazil, Part I | Evanston Travel Photographer

Thanks in great part to my day job, I have collected a lot of frequent flier miles.  This year we cashed them in for a trip to Brazil in March. It’s one of… Continue reading

Playing Trains

Adventures: India

In addition to taking pictures, I have a day job. I actually have a day job and three side jobs. (In case you’re wondering–  two radio shows and a position on a school… Continue reading

Newly Born: Baby X, 12 days old | Evanston Photographer

I love photographing newborns. They’re so precious, so teeny, and so sleepy… Meet my nephew, baby X. He’s just 12 days old.