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Jamaica 2015

A few favorites from our recent visit to Montego Bay and Bluefields, Jamaica

Adventure: Grand Canyon South Rim | Evanston Photographer

My husband and I took our first trip to the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago. We stayed at El Tovar, a lodge about 20 feet away from the Canyon Rim. It was… Continue reading

Petina Hope Photography | 2013 Highlights

Here are some highlights from 2013– thank you to everybody who supported me this year… it was a pleasure spending time with you, capturing some moments with your family! Looking forward to a… Continue reading

Adventure: Noyes Center Exhibit

I admire artists of all kinds. It takes courage to develop something from your own mind and hands, and share it with the world. I was honored to attend a special exhibition of… Continue reading

Adventure: Lake Michigan

I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon on Lake Michigan… perfect weather, calm water… I couldn’t have asked for better!

Adventure: Backyard Discovery | Evanston Photographer

Today I worked from home because we were having our 1950’s-era home insulated in hopes of banishing chilly winters for good. One area of the home requiring work was our crawl space. For… Continue reading

Adventure: Summer flowers | Evanston Photographer

During our first spring and summer in this home, I am continually amazed by the beauty that keeps emerging from our garden. This is what’s blooming today.

Adventure: In Full Bloom | Evanston Photographer

My garden has been bursting with new flowers blooming every week this entire spring and summer. I’m doing my best to capture them as they emerge.

Adventure: Portugal II | Evanston Photographer

I spent two weeks in beautiful Portugal, visiting Lisboa, Porto, and Cascais… here are more photos from my visit. See Part I here.  

Adventure: Springtime in Evanston

My garden is full of surprises…. beauty springing up every day, week, month. I never would’ve imagined this much green, pink, orange, yellow, white, blue, purple when we moved here in the darkest… Continue reading