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Portrait: My nephew on a perfect day

Portrait: Monica & Brandon Anniversary at Baha’i Temple | Evanston Photographer | Wilmette Photographer

  I met Monica and Brandon yesterday at the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, to capture some moments for them on a gorgeous day. They recently celebrated 5 years of marriage & I wish… Continue reading

Portrait: My Sister

Portrait: Dad

Thank you for making it to the basketball games and dance recitals, even if it meant coming straight from work. Thank you for making sure that we were never alone, even if that… Continue reading

Portrait: Cousins

Portrait: Sleeping baby | Evanston Photographer

I love a sleeping baby. So cozy in Mom’s arms. So peaceful and serene.

Portrait: My special nephew

This is my very special nephew, M, enjoying the sun on Memorial Day. He’s not only special because he’s smart, funny and adorable, he’s also special because he overcame great odds, being born… Continue reading

Portrait: Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown is a friend of my father’s. I’ve never not known him.  Like my parents, he came to the United States from Jamaica many years ago as a young adult. When I… Continue reading

Newly Born: Baby X, 12 days old | Evanston Photographer

I love photographing newborns. They’re so precious, so teeny, and so sleepy… Meet my nephew, baby X. He’s just 12 days old.

I LOVE my car

He spent many years driving a very old but very dependable Honda Accord that was stolen (and recovered) TWICE, lost a bumper and a muffler, and endured numerous bumps and bruises along the… Continue reading