Portrait: Brothers

Taken on my iPhone

Pet Portrait: Jenna

This is Jenna. She just celebrated her 12th birthday.  Jenna loves to keep watch at this particular window, every single afternoon.

Portrait: Baby X and Grandpa

Baby X is the third grandson in the family. Grandpa loves spending time with his boys, even the tiniest.  

Adventures: New Orleans

I recently returned from a 10-day business trip to New Orleans. Hot, sticky and muggy every day I was there… just as I imagined. Although most of my time was spent inside the… Continue reading

Adventures: Snow Day

I’m currently in New Orleans, Louisiana where it’s hot, sticky and around 90 degrees… What better time to take a look back at “Snowpacalypse 2011” in Chicago. With 20+ inches of snow on… Continue reading

Pet Portraits: Wilson & his sister Bella

I admit that I am a dog person. Growing up, we had a toy poodle and then a cockapoo that we adored. Recently, I took portraits of these two cute pups. Meet Bella… Continue reading

Adventures: Brazil, Part I | Evanston Travel Photographer

Thanks in great part to my day job, I have collected a lot of frequent flier miles.  This year we cashed them in for a trip to Brazil in March. It’s one of… Continue reading

Playing Trains

Adventures: India

In addition to taking pictures, I have a day job. I actually have a day job and three side jobs. (In case you’re wondering–  two radio shows and a position on a school… Continue reading

Expecting: Mama S

This is my sister, S, eagerly anticipating the birth of her second baby boy. We chose a crisp spring day to take a few shots of Mom and baby-to-be.