Adventure: My Cousin’s New Opportunity | Evanston Family Photographer

I don’t often write on this blog… I let the pictures speak for themselves, but today I have a story to share… It starts like this: I love my family. I’m very close to a few of my cousins– we talk/text/e-mail every day even though they live on the east coast.

When I was expecting my daughter this year, my cousin and his wife were also expecting theirs. I’ve had a long road to motherhood and my cousin was extremely supportive the whole way through- I feel like our daughters were meant to be close even before they were born.

The girls met for the first time in March and they looked like sisters- we grinned as they played together at my aunt & uncle’s house.

Fast forward to last month– they came to visit us. It was great to spend time together and of course I took lots of pictures of baby P. When my cousin returned home, I shared the photos, and he printed copies and decided to send some out to a few top agencies in New York… and guess what? my little cousin P was selected by one of the best!

It’s just been a few weeks but her sweet face and big personality has already landed her campaigns with two large national brands, another shoot for a high-fashion brand tomorrow, and one for another huge company Monday morning. Not a bad way to start her college fund.

Very excited to see this beautiful face in some of my favorite stores!

IMG_5667 IMG_5662 IMG_5597