Adventure: New Delhi, India | Evanston Photographer

I’ve just returned from my third trip to India, this time to Delhi.  Each time I’ve been, it was through my day job working for an organization dedicated to fighting a devastating, crippling disease for which there is no cure, only a vaccine… a disease that most people in the US barely remember: polio.

It mostly affects children under the age of five– leading to lifelong paralysis.

Until last week, India was one of just four countries still considered polio-endemic: despite the existence of vaccine for more than 50 years, the disease had never been stopped there.

I was there at the historic moment when the Indian Minister of Health announced that for the first time in history, India– once considered the epicenter of the disease and one of the toughest places to fight it, had finally won the battle against polio.  No more Indian children would be needlessly crippled for life.

Unlike my previous trips to India, where I had the opportunity to join volunteers in the field, experiencing the vaccination work first-hand, most of this trip was spent in meetings, learning and celebrating the tremendous milestone and taking a look at its impact. But I did do a little exploring, snapping photos with my camera and my iPhone.  Here’s a look: