Mourning and Celebration

Today I attended the funeral services for my best friend’s grandmother. My best friend and I grew up together like two peas in a pod. If we weren’t at my house, we were at hers, every waking hour. Granny was a fixture in their house, living with the family for 20 years.

The celebration is that she lived such a long and full life. She passed away at 90 years old and leaves behind 7 children, 28 grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren. It was a solemn occasion but the message today was that we don’t know when we will go and we all hope to have the opportunity to live as full a life as she did.

As much as I dislike funerals, but they always seem to have a way of bringing together family, especially those you haven’t seen in a long while. I think maybe saying goodbye reminds you to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, while they are still here.